According to Linode’s official billing guidelines, if you create a service instance in the middle of a month, the initial transfer amount of the instance will be adjusted in proportion to the remaining time in the month. For example, if you create an instance on the 15th, you will get 50% of the transfer quota for the month, and the remaining 50% of the transfer quota can be used in the next month. This mechanism ensures that a virtual machine will receive its full transfer quota regardless of whether it was created at the beginning of the month or the middle of the month.

For users who have exhausted their allocated transfer quotas for the current month ahead of time, Unitrl has launched a service to restore data transfer quotas. To ensure that users can enjoy stable data transmission throughout the month, the service fee will be based on your usage time, instance price, and billing cycle. The following is a detailed fee introduction:

We spread the billing cycle of the instance you choose to every hour. Taking the Linode shared CPU-Nanode monthly fee instance as an example, its price in Unitrl is 48 RMB, which is about 0.072 RMB/hour calculated by hour. Considering the fairness of the service, although we do not limit the number of transmission service restorations in principle, considering the need for manual operations and avoiding possible malicious operations or abuse of traffic, an additional 10% of the instance price will be charged for each restoration operation as a procedure fee. When faced with an urgent need for specific data traffic or a special scenario, you may consider using the service that restores the data transfer quota. In other cases, we recommend that you avoid using this service if possible. It is worth noting that your unused instance traffic can still be used in the next month.

If you want to apply for the transfer quota restoration service, please submit a ticket in time or communicate with our customer support team through online chat. To ensure your data security, please back up all the data of your current instance before applying. In the process of restoring the transfer credit, we need to delete your existing instance and reconfigure a new instance for you. Please understand that Unitrl is not responsible for data loss or any other related damages that may result from this action.

Note: The minimum duration of an instance is 24 hours. Even if the duration is not full, the fee will be calculated according to 24 hours. If your instance has been available for less than 24 hours and has run out of traffic, and you apply for the service of restoring the data transfer quota, we will still calculate your instance fee based on the full 24 hours.