Thank you for choosing Unitrl (“we”) and please be sure to read this billing note before deploying your Lightsail instance.

PLEASE NOTE: Per AWS official rules, Lightsail instances do not offer a refund option after creation due to their specific shared transport quota mechanism. In addition, Lightsail instances do not support system reinstallation. If the system malfunctions or is damaged due to user operation or other non-hardware reasons, although we will try our best to provide recovery support, the ultimate consequences and risks are borne by the user.

After the data transfer volume reaches the pre-allocated upper limit, our management system will automatically execute a forced shutdown procedure and stop the relevant server instances. If the customer renews the service in time before the start of the next billing cycle, the system will automatically reactivate and start the server instance to ensure the continuation of the customer’s business. It is important to note that even if the data transfer limit has been reached, we will not delete the server instance immediately. The system will delete the server instance only if the customer does not continue to renew. This approach is designed to give customers sufficient time and opportunity to manage their services and avoid unexpected data loss or business interruption.

If you find that your IP in Amazon Lightsail is not connecting, you may need to adjust your firewall rules. You can refer to the steps here to revise your firewall settings.

In Lightsail, each instance is assigned a dynamic public IP address. Only after shutting down and restarting the instance will the system reassign a new IP address to the instance, causing the IP address to change.

If you need to log in to your Amazon Lightsail instance as root, we provide a detailed tutorial that you can visit here to view. If you encounter any technical issues during the process, our support team is standing by. You can contact us via live chat or submit a work order and we will provide you with professional support and solutions as soon as possible.

In addition to this, please be aware of the data transfer limitations for India and Australia Lightsail instances, which are half the limitations of other regions. This means that these two specific regions have relatively few resources available for data transfer and require more careful planning and management of network activity.

If you have any questions about our sales and refund policies or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and ensuring that you receive the maximum value and convenience when using your Lightsail instance.

Your trust and satisfaction is our relentless goal. Thank you again for choosing our services and we look forward to providing you with an exceptional cloud computing experience.

Before deploying a Lightsail instance, please be sure to read these instructions